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The webpage www.loizoshouse.gr is an electronic store which sells domestic equipment. It has been created and is run by the company with the Trade name LOIZOS PANTELIS S.A., head offices in Attica, Ermou street 102, postcode 10554 and is legally represented, Tax identification number (TIN) :038400916, 6th Public revenue office Athens, e-mail info@Ioizoshouse.gr, e shop customers’ service contact line: 210 3210754 and which afterwards will be called THE COMPANY.

The following terms and conditions will be applied for the use of the e shop with the trademark LOIZOSHOUSE which you can find on email address www.loizoshouse.gr. Each user who logs in and makes a transaction or makes use of the e shop services, is deemed to consent and unreservedly accept the following terms as stated here, without exceptions. The user takes the responsibility of abstaining from the visit, the use of the website as well as from any transaction or the use of the e shop services, provided the user does not agree with these terms.

The company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use and transactions of the e shop whenever necessary, the company is also responsible for informing its customers about any changes within the pages of the current e shop. All the amendments in this website that will take place after its use entail the user’s acceptance.

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All the contents of this webpage, including trade names, pictures, graphics, photographs, design, texts, services etc. constitute the Intellectual property of the COMPANY and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the International Conventions.

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To proceed with the transaction of your order with us, you will be asked to give us specific information so that it will be completed such as full name, shipping address, your fixed-phone number or your debit- credit card information in case you choose to make your transactions via them. The information which has willingly been given by the users of our webpage will not be disclosed, made public or sold to third party organizations or affiliated persons, unless this is imposed by a public authority (law court etc.). The protection and the administration of your personal data while using our e shop, is governed by the terms of the present and the relevant provisions of the Greek Legislation in force.

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Our company is committed to ensure the security of data it collects regarding the users of its webpage and for this reason; the webpage www.loizoshouse.gr uses the SSL 128-bit protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL uses data encryption methods which is exchanged between two devices (usually computers), establishing a safe link between these two via the internet. This protocol uses TCP/IP to transfer data and is independent of the application the final user uses. For this reason, it can give services of safe transmission of information to higher level protocols such as HTTP, FTP, telnet etc. SSL technology is based on a code key to encrypt data before this is sent via SSL link and this way, all your personal information such as the number of your credit card, your name and address is encrypted, so that it cannot be read or altered during its transfer via the internet.

Nevertheless, our commitment is reasonably limited to the compliance with the above security rules and despite we firmly abide by them, we take no responsibility if hackers penetrate data systems and intercept information. A kind of act like this constitutes a serious criminal offence for the person who commits it, though.

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Ways of possible payment that LoizosHouse company supports, are by debit or credit card, deposit at a bank account or the full payment at the store in cash (all of the above are applied only for the code products listed on our website). For custom order confirmation, the prepayment of 30% of the total price of the order is required and the full payment of the rest 70% must be made two days before the delivery of the order.

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Any cancellation of order must take place within 72 hours by phoning at 210 3210754 or by sending an email to info@loizoshouse.gr with a cancellation request, filling in the cancellation form and you send it to the above email. The refund of the money of your purchase is done exactly the same way as the payment of the product to the company was made. In case of a charge by credit card, our company is obliged to inform the issuing bank for the cancellation of the transaction and after the bank has been informed, our company takes no responsibility of the time and the way of executing the reversal/chargeback.

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The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days from the delivery date of the product under the following conditions:

  • The product must be exactly in the original condition as it was delivered, with all the purchasing documents included.
  • The return of the product can only be accepted on condition that the purchaser has first paid in full every cost the company was charged for its dispatch, as well as shipping charges for its return.
  • The withdrawal statement must be submitted either in writing or electronically via a form available by the company and which is obliged to send a confirmation that the withdrawal statement was received within24 hours.



  • For a return of the amount you paid for the purchase of the product, you follow the same procedure as described at the CANCELLATION OF ORDER.
  • Products such as furniture that have been specially made to your personal request (CUSTOM) are excluded from the withdrawal
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From the delivery day of the product our company gives a year warranty for solid wood damages and two years for the damages in the colour of the wood only with the purchasing documents included. You are covered with the warranty only under the following conditions:

  • The damage of the product (furniture) must not have been caused by bad use (e.g. To hit the product with another object, use of unsuitable cleaning products, put hot objects inside or on them etc.) or by the customer’s wrong handling (e.g. violent opening of the doors or drawers, wrong way of transferring etc.).
  • The customer must keep the furniture in sheltered places in room temperature, to protect it from being affected by the external weather conditions, especially furniture with a large solid wood surface like table tops. Furniture must be protected from high temperatures (that is the reason why avoiding putting them near a radiator and using curtains when it is placed near windows is recommended).
  • You are not covered with the warranty in case the furniture has been maintained, repaired or altered by a technician who is not an affiliate.
  • You are not covered with the warranty in case furniture intended for being placed indoors is placed outdoors or at places with high humidity (e.g. bathrooms).
  • A technician from our company checks the product either at the customer’s place (within Attica), or at the place of the company when delivered in order to ascertain the defect mentioned. Provided the above conditions are applied, then it is repaired as soon as possible without repairing and shipping charges. In case the damage was caused by the customer’s own fault, the customer is charged the shipping costs if there, as well as the repairing cost, if the customer wishes the product to be repaired.
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The customer will have to carefully check the products once receiving the order. If you believe that the product you have received has a manufacturing defect, a breakage etc., please let us know within 5 days from the delivery date and afterwards the company will directly proceed with the repairing or replacement which is needed.

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The transferring and placement (of products) with total charge over 150€ is free of charge within the prefecture of Attica. Otherwise (total charge under 150€) there is an extra charge depending on the postcode of the area. Also, transfers in the rest of Greece are supported in cooperation with transport companies with the corresponding charge. Within Attica, the delivery of products to transport companies is free of charge, regardless of the cost of the order. The company is responsible for the transferring of products only when its own means are used, in all other cases, the customer who may indicate the transport company by which he wishes the products to be dispatched takes the responsibility. The customer is charged in case a hoist is needed.

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The webpage www.loizoshouse.gr may contain links to other affiliated web pages, e.g. affiliated decorators, transport companies. These links may be used as a source of more information about the products, the services of the webpage or even for advertising purposes. Our company will do everything possible the information contained in these links to be of high quality, but is not liable for their content.

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The company is not liable for the delivery time of its merchandise in cases of force majeure, including but not limited strike in transportation, etc. The company in any such cases is entitled to an extension of time so as to fulfill its obligations…The company has taken all the necessary measures for the high level security and protection of the e shop and its own systems, as these are imposed by the ordinary practice, it is also under the obligation to update its protection systems and have antivirus programs. Given the nature of the Internet, the company does not guarantee the absence of viruses and is not liable for any damage of equipment, software, files or any other damage caused by a virus to the user or customer. Respectively, the users are obliged to have installed the latest updated programs, operating systems, anti viruses and all related computer and data protection systems in their computer.

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